Stress in pandemic times

Most people build their lives around their daily habits and customs. Some get up early, bathe, and go to work or college. Others who stayed up late go out to exercise. All these rituals create emotional stability. Arguably, the average person spends half day away from home, socializing, working, and on the move continuously. However, now this freedom is not so feasible due to quarantine and social distancing.

How are people dealing with it?

The abrupt change in routine has caused stress and anxiety. Some people are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in their lives. Adding to the change in routine and social distancing that is already causing stress, one must also take into account the fear of getting COVID-19 or of a loved one getting it, which also adds a significant load of anxiety and stress.

In this way, many people are presenting emotional or psychological disorders due to confinement. All these factors contribute to creating a fateful cocktail to our immune system.

Although we indeed have an endocannabinoid system that functions as an alarm mechanism for molecules, the current situation is so unusual that the stress level is extremely high. Therefore the body perceives a homeostatic imbalance that guides the conditions mentioned in previous paragraphs.

What consequences is stress having on people?

Stress can affect eating, sleeping patterns and concentration levels. Chronic diseases are affected by this state of alarm, just as mental health is compromised as well as our immune system, weakening it and leaving it exposed to external risk factors. An alternative that people from countries like Canada and the Netherlands have found to alleviate the conditions caused by the pandemic is cannabis. Sales of plant-based products and plant flowers have been reported to have increased by up to 150%.

How CBD works on stress

The CBD is one of the most researched cannabinoids that treats different emotional disorders, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also the common element in various studies conducted as an agent of change and the main palliative of the symptoms that cause mood disorders. Its performance, related to mental health, in our system, has two functions: to prevent the damage caused by stress in the body and to alleviate the full range of symptoms that occur once this disorder has previously developed.

The use of CBD can regulate the function of the hypothalamus and, at the same time, adjust the biochemical function of the body, while at the same time that it protects the adrenal glands, the thyroid, and the brain, from any negative response. Likewise, in patients in whom stress has aggravated symptoms such as fatigue, indigestion, sleep disorder, and various immune problems, CBD can attenuate symptoms. Therefore, CBD would be dedicated to normalizing the amount of hydrocortisone and neurotransmitters that the system produces while regenerating stem cells from various parts of the brain. Throughout human history, all pandemics have impacted and changed generations, and this will be no exception.

This society, our society, the society of the second decade of the 21st century, faces a situation that few generations have had to face. Many people are suffering from stress and anxiety disorders for the first time in their lives. They do not have the necessary tools or medications to treat them, which is why the most responsible way to act is to look for different types of solutions and activities that are helpful for a deal with stress and anxiety. CBD can become that element that is needed to restore harmony, balance needs, and balance the attitude that is assumed in the face of this situation of uncertainty and fear.

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