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CEC provides High end cannabis knowledge in multiple languages for international individuals to be educated in the incredible field of cannabis. Learn how to train your employees, educate patients or integrate cannabis in a mindful way through our e-learning premium courses


Virtual courses, E-books, and audiobooks

Normal price: $999 US
Special deal $269.99 CAN

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More than 160 virtual courses in 5 languages


Know some titles:

  • Medical Cannabis Extraction

  • Cannabinoids and Medicine

  • Cannabis and Nutrition

  • Cannabis and pain management

  • Cannabinoids and how it relates to the metabolism

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Listen to 50 audiobooks


For any time and anywhere, listen to audiobooks about 50 different subjects


Know some titles: 

  • The genetics of cannabis: a microscopic view

  • Cannabis legislation, a look around the world

  • Integrated pest and disease management in cannabis cultivation

  • Cannabis and parenthood: the challenges to be faced

  • Can cannabis help you lose weight?

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Cannabis World Journals

A biweekly magazine published by Pharmacology University, with sections on cultivation, medicine, business, and law. Our editions also contain exclusive interviews with well-known personalities in the industry such as:

  • Raphael Mechoulam

  • Steve D Angelo

  • Paul Armentano and many more.

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E-books written by industry experts

50 E-books for you to learn about farming, medicine, history, science, business, and more 

Know some titles:

  • Benefits of the use of Cannabis on the skin

  • Use of Cannabis Derivatives in Cancer Patients

  • Facing COVID-19 with the benefits of medical cannabis

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Co-Founder and CEO

Tiara Sillet is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cannabis Education Canada. She owns multiple cannabis businesses and focuses her attention on International education. In Canada she has taught multiple platoons in the police services, municipalities, and government workers about cannabis during the Federal legalization roll out in 2018. She has provided education to various disease groups in Canada, and she is a cannabis course developer. She also works for GMAF where she helps to create cannabis education for the United Nations. Tiara is trilingual (English, French, Spanish), and provides education in all three languages.

Co-Founder and COO

Anni Sillet has been a cannabis user since 2010. She graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2014. She is the CO-Founder of NaturalBudz a Cannabis Vape Lounge, Patient Intake Clinic, and Cannabis Education Center. She is the CMO of She has video-graphed multiple Cannabis Festivals in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, and Germany. She has a presence in the UN advocating for the legalization of cannabis and along the way educated people from multiple countries and the Durham Regional Police.


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