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My Way
By Dee Mani-Mitchell

Dee Mani-Mitchell is a British cancer warrior. In 2017 she healed her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months by refusing the conventional toxic medicine of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and instead opted to treat with a combination of natural methods: diet, nutrition, a range of supplements, meditation, and the most crucial component being - full extract cannabis oil. 

To raise awareness of natural healing, she wrote about her journey in a self-published book called “My Way,” which led her to become an Amazon best-selling author. After her story was featured worldwide in all mainstream news journals and interviewed by many big cannabis brands such as The Sacred Plant and The Cannabis Health Radio Show, it led to a natural health and cannabis advocate’s path.

Dee has also launched My Way CBD, her range of award-winning, high-quality oils, skincare, and wellness products. She’s also a columnist for two medical marijuana publications and runs a cancer support group

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CBD Products 

Real ingredients, real science, real results.

- Full spectrum CBD 0.2 THC

-Broad spectrum CBD

- CBD for pets

-CBD for kids

- CBD  skincare

- Black seed CBD


Cancer support group 

Follow Dee Mani-Mitchell's healing protocol based on the Amazon best-selling cancer book called My Way.


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Dee and Pharmacology University have teamed up to offer quality education about the benefits of medical cannabis. Get access to more than 200 educational resources, health support, and advice for illness/disease from Dee.

After many years of studying the sacred plant, Dee believes that most illnesses and diseases are caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency and is on a quest to help educate people on the fantastic benefits of the plant by helping break down stigmas that are still rife in today’s society.


All of our courses and e-books were developed by experts in the cannabis industry.

 You will learn directly from professionals with years of experience in the areas of:

- Medicine
- Extractions
- Business
- Laws

Our goal is to help you launch your cannabis career in the fastest-growing industry in the world. 


Access to online courses taught by specialists.


50 audiobooks about medicine, science, law and business.


Read 50 different titles about medicine, business, laws and science.


Get an annual subscription to the biweekly magazine CWJ.


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