We are Compassion, Education and the Future

Pharmacology University is a company with more than 12 years of experience in educational systems focused on medicinal cannabis. We were born in Texas and since then we have had the challenge of transforming the social stigma of medicinal cannabis with the best tool in the world: Education.


Our educational products and consulting services have reached different states and countries such as Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, & Mexico, among others. During this wonderful journey we asked ourselves the question, "does society deserve a complete educational system that will prepare the leaders for this unstoppable industry?" We found the answer. Chronically ill patients need excellent growers, chemists, dispensary technicians, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs to help change the archaic cannabis laws and to help them improve the quality of their life. In addition to our seminars and consulting services, we now offer 5-week courses and an intensive master's degree program in cannabis science that will allow us to form and to prepare a group of professionals that will become the next generation of leaders for the medicinal cannabis space.


To be the high-end/main provider of education in the medical cannabis industry in the states and countries that have legalized its use and to make our educational products the precursor for excellence in the advances, on the subject in regions where we are present. To foster entrepreneurship within the cannabis industry and promote access to medications for patients who, through medical prescription/recommendation, can make use of them. Additionally, to be an institution authorized by the local government to certify those who meet the training requirements in the different areas related to the cannabis industry; either in partnership with other educational institutions or independently.


To be compassionate, educative and have a perspective  to provide students with the most relevant information available about the medical cannabis industry through a complete curriculum designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and patients. Also, illustrate the legal statutes that governs each state to promote a respectful and ethical access to medical cannabis. We encourage the rise of this emerging industry that envisages important contributions to health, through the constitution of a public, perfectly informed about the subject.


Henry Levinski
Pioneer in the medical cannabis educational system. He has extensive knowledge of the needs and competitive advantages of this industry due to his experience of more than 12 years working as Director of Operations for Pharmacology University. for  Pharmacology University.

Dr. José Torres
Active member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. He provides specialized training in internal medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine; Furthermore, he is an instructor of courses and seminars at the University of Pharmacology.

Limary Ríos Camacho,


University of Puerto Rico-School of Medicine. Puerto Rico Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. speaker and researcher of Pharmacology University

Clif Deuvall

In 2009 Clif established NORML of Waco, a  cannabis advocacy outreach group whose goals  were to educate the public on the scientific facts  of cannabis and promote political activism

Dra. Bárbara Collazo

Phd. in Medicine, University of Science, Arts and  Technology. A director of operations for Medcan  Foundation Puerto Rico and instructor in  Pharmacology University courses and seminars.

Dr. Eduardo Ibarra

President of the Mountain Surgical Center in  Cayey, Puerto Rico. A consultant in medical  pain relief. And serves as an instructor in our  Pharmacology University courses and seminars.


Mg. Katerin Osuna 


Magister of contents of Audiovisual  Communication and Advertising, of the  Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.  Director of First Impressions USA. 

Jannina Mejía


Graphic Designer from the Autonomous University of the Caribbean- Creative Director and  marketing Coordinator of Pharmacology University

Daniela Montaña


Environmental Engineer Francisco José de Caldas University of Bogotá. Educational Coordinator of Pharmacology University Colombia