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Canna-Cology Mission: To provide quality information and resources to introduce the public to the cannabis industry.  Information is education and Canna-cology can bridge the gap between the cost of knowledge and the cannabis industry by providing low-cost courses to the public. Canna-cology also provides consultation for individuals who want to have 1-on-1 experience.

Lakia Pierce

Veteran, Cannabis Educator & Advocate

She is a graduate of our nation’s First Masters of Science in Cannabis Studies and Therapeutics from the University of Maryland Baltimore. She also holds a Master of Social Work from Walden University and a BA in Human Services from Mount Saint Mary College. Lakia is the first in her nuclear family to graduate from college and achieve not just one master, but two. 


Lakia is a huge advocate of cannabis access for veterans, and federal employees, and leveraging the playing field in a non-regulated industry. Her path to Cannabis advocacy for veterans started when she was discharged from the military for consuming the plant.  “Many soldiers consume cannabis. I wonder why soldiers of color are discharged on their first offense compared to their white counterparts. This question led me to a request to understand how discrimination and cannabis are intertwined, and how the prohibition of cannabis is rooted in racism.”


Lakia is a person that you would consider a “jack of all trades”. Her life occupations have been as a dental assistant at West Point Military Academy and Fort Irwin, CA, an SFL-TAP Career Counselor for retiring military members, an Insurance Specialist, and Records Information Management with the Department of Veterans Affairs. When asked about the career changes, her response is: “If you aren’t happy with where you are at and where that position will take you, find a new path. It’s never too late.”


When it comes to the Cannabis Industry, Lakia dreams that one day it will be federally legal medically. For recreational use, she believes it should be left up to the states to decide. But, for right now, she feels the inequality of the industry that is just starting on the east coast, needs to be called out so everyone can have a fair stake. 

Consultation services:

  • 30 minutes: $40

  • 1 Hour: $75

  • 10% off with purchase of course

Laki Pierce
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Virtual courses, E-books, and audiobooks

More than 160 virtual

courses in 5 languages


Know some titles:

  • Medical Cannabis Extraction

  • Cannabinoids and Medicine

  • Cannabis and Nutrition

  • Cannabis and pain management

  • Cannabinoids and how it relates to the metabolism

All courses, ebooks and audiobooks bundle: $1500

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E-books written by industry experts


50 E-books for you to learn about farming, medicine, history, science, business, and more 

Know some titles:

  • Benefits of the use of Cannabis on the skin

  • Use of Cannabis Derivatives in Cancer Patients

  • Facing COVID-19 with the benefits of medical cannabis


Individual courses : $200.00

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