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SEICEPT dedicates itself to providing training services at business, professional and technical levels. We have strategic alliances and agreements with organizations, institutions, and companies at national and international levels.

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Promote awareness and social communication regarding quality comprehensive care for all Mexicans.


Pensakana, with its brand Curakana, is a company formed by experts in the endocannabinoid system that develops products and services that effectively and safely alleviate multiple symptoms that affect the health of living beings.


Thulio is the first cannabis multiplatform in Mexico that includes the largest marketplace with multiple online stores with a wide variety of products for risk and harm reduction, education, medical cannabis, support for cannabis entrepreneurs and much more.

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QUIASMO's mission is to provide health services, focused on humanized processes that allow the recovery and maintenance of healthier lives. We have created an alliance to educate and heal together, get to know our alliance, and access the medical programs designed by QUIASMO.


We are committed to your emotional and physical health. Our mission is to provide tools and solutions so you can have a better quality of life.


CEC provides High end cannabis knowledge in multiple languages for international individuals to be educated in the incredible field of cannabis.

My Way
By Dee Mani-Mitchell

Dee Mani-Mitchell is a British cancer warrior. In 2017 she healed her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months by refusing the conventional toxic medicine of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and instead opted to treat with a combination of natural methods: diet, nutrition, a range of supplements, meditation, and the most crucial component being - full extract cannabis oil. 

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