Cannabis brands add their grain of sand in the fight against COVID-19.

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus pandemic on March 11, 2020, the entire world's attention is focused on slowing the spread of the virus to flatten the infection curve.

Hundreds of countries have taken strong s measures to prevent the contagion spreading within their territories and to provide a timely response to their vulnerable populations.

Companies of all types have changed their operations to the "home office" to help stop the spread of the virus. Fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, have given up their sewing workshops to manufacture surgical masks for the French people.

The cannabis industry has not been idle or lagged behind Companies like Whispr have opted to create cannabis-based hand sanitizers on a large scale, taking advantage of all their resources to stop this pandemic. Among the main ingredients is CBD, CBG, vitamin E, lavender, and (like many hand sanitizers, alcohol in a percentage greater than 70% so as to ensure adequate disinfection. As an added benefit, the Whispr product also hydrates the skin. Other cannabis-based products will soon follow.

But why use cannabis to create a hand sanitizer? Because cannabis and its cannabinoids can provide significant benefits for the skin and our immune systems too!

How CBD and CBG works

CBD works as an immunoregulator. CBG, on the other hand, has great therapeutic value, antibacterial properties, moisturizing capabilities, and immunomodulatory properties. The skin contains numerous CB2 receptors which facilitate absorption of both CBD and CBG cannabinoids. Other natural ingredients such as lavender and vitamin E, contain antibacterial and disinfecting agents while vitamin E also works as an immune system stimulator. In proper combination, these ingredients also replenish the skin and sooth any irritation caused by the high alcohol content.

WHO recommends actively washing hands for at least 30 seconds without leaving unwashed any area, fingers, nails, palms, interdigital spaces and wrists, in order to remove any virus particles.

Companies have already developed cannabinoid-based soaps to encourage hand washing. Handwashing represents one of the most powerful weapons to fight COVID-19. A proper washing helps destroy the viral particles then helps to remove them.

Many of these companies have created these products to be sold to users, but they have also donated their products to those most in need. Hence, their contribution goes beyond a common benefit and becomes an act in favor of world health.

This coronavirus is impacting the entire planet with tens of thousands already dead and more than a million infected worldwide. In short, it represents a negative entity for the world, but it has also awakened the solidarity in people's hearts.

Stopping the spread is the WHO's main recommendation and that is only possible with everyone's help, so stay at home and wash your hands often.

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