Don’t lose faith

Life gives us infinite opportunities to change our present and future, it teaches us that there are other ways of living, of knowing, of laughing, of producing, etc. But what happens when someone loses faith in their daily life, are the dreams, illusions or just the motives over?

Some time ago I thought that there was nothing more important than making money and having the same routine every day of my life. If I changed something in my day to day it was uncomfortable and took me out of that comfort zone that we all believe to have under control and that, in some way, generates inner peace.

One day I was hit in the face by something that I had no choice but to answer. I was shown and educated about a taboo topic: Medical Cannabis, which in millions of homes around the world is a forbidden subject and seen as a negative part of society. But I found it can change the life of someone who was dying thanks to an intractable or incurable disease.

Having the opportunity to research and work in a company like Pharmacology University, which is purely dedicated to the study of this topic in a medicinal way, made me completely lose the perception I had of this plant. I saw that there are other alternatives and that all is not lost for the millions of patients who suffer inconsolable pain every day, 24 hours per day. It is very representative for me to see how a giant team can change the lifestyle of millions of people thanks to the responsible education of Medicinal Cannabis.

Thanks to technology and its tools, we have been able to reach every corner of the world carrying messages that fill the soul. Messages that are the hope of people who believed they had lost faith and now found a new way of life, or as I would say "They left their comfort zone" to get here. I get to see the positive changes that this represents and to be part of the change, the education and the treatment of millions of medical conditions.

Today I invite all those who want to join this change and who clearly wish to educate all those around them. We are an educational institution, we have seminars, diplomats and courses, but from a chat between friends or a family meeting, we can multiply knowledge. Speak, share, debate the benefits of Cannabis and help each day to get people to change the world and also bring knowledge to every place they go, because improving your life and that of others is priceless!

We are doing daily live videos on our social networks. Do you want to join and talk? Just contact us and we will find a space for us to do it together. For more information visit our website or write to us at

#medicalcannabis #incurabledisease

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