Include Hemp in our daily diet: A good idea?

First, we must start with the most important thing, do you know what hemp is?

Hemp is another name for the plant Cannabis sativa. A very versatile plant that has played an important role since the beginning of the history of mankind. Hemp has the ability to be used in the production of important resources such as clothes, ropes, paper and more, so this plant is known as one of the main protagonists in the innovations of the human being.

Now that you know this, we can tell you those important reasons why you should include hemp in your daily diet.

1. Best choice for vegans

Hemp is a protein that provides many nutrients to those who consume it, so it is quite complete. It contains the most essential amino acids for consumption so it is completely ideal for vegans and vegetarians since there are few vegetable sources that exist of this type.

Hemp has the proteins Edestin and Albumin. These are the ones that are used naturally in the body's immune system, so they increase your immunity when you consume it. It is also ideal for people who need to increase their protein intake.

2. It’s a great ingredient when it's time to eat

The seeds of this great plant can be used in a wide variety of nutritional products. The husks serve as a dietary fiber supplement for humans and are also used in the production of animal feed.

Before this, these seeds must undergo a cleaning process that culminates in the separation of the seed and the husk. In this way, you get a grain rich in fatty oils that provide all the amino acids and properties mentioned above.

What foods does hemp contribute to our diet?

  • The seed is worked, refined and it is possible to obtain a fine flour from which it can be prepared for bread to pizzas.

  • When grinding the seeds you get vegetable milk.

  • Hemp seeds can be included in smoothies, salads, cookies and more.

  • Infusions can be made with the dried leaves.

3. Ideal for those allergic to Gluten

The flour obtained by the seeds of this plant let you make foods that do not contain gluten or dairy products, so all the products that come from it are ideal for people who are allergic to gluten and any animal protein or dairy-based foods.

As we said, hemp is vegan, so it is also a good choice for vegetarians. For those who want to reduce the consumption of animal products or for those who have an intolerance to meat, this is an incredible option.

4. Makes you look healthy

The oil of hemp seed, which we talked about before, is quite nutritious and is incredibly useful for the skin. The vitamins and fatty acids in hemp oil helps keep skin healthy and even more important, it helps prevent outbreaks.

The abundance of these fatty acids makes this oil an excellent option to nourish the skin and protect it from some ailments and pathologies, such as inflammation, sores, wrinkles and other causes of ageing.

5. Keeps your heart healthy

The complete nutrient profile of hemp seed oil means that it can also be good for the heart. Its nutrients indicate that there could be a positive effect on various health problems, such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and cholesterol levels.

One of its fatty acids seems to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This fatty acid called linolenic acid is present, in the same way in Omega 3 and in another oil with similar properties: flaxseed oil.

As you have seen, hemp gives us an incredible contribution at a nutritional level. This is not its only quality since from its stem to the seed, it can be used to produce different and great things, but we will talk about that in another article.

For now, we invite you to continue educating and multiplying the message of the benefits of cannabis and its derivatives. Share this article and find out more about the educational opportunities we offer.

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