Cannabis Arrives and Missouri Wants to be Called the "Show me - State"

The "Show me - State" is how the state of Missouri is known. For this reason, the country and the entire world is looking towards the state, understanding that by opening the doors to cannabis, Missouri has become a medical, agronomic and economic reference. We can say that today more than ever, the state has earned the name "Show me - State".

Recently, the residents of the state said "yes" to Amendment 2 which opened the way for the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and whose initiative will allow great benefits for both doctors and patients (since they will also be allowed to grow up to six flowering plants in their homes for medicinal use).

Why should other states and countries observe what Missouri has shown in the cannabis legalization process?

* It is one of the proposals that offers the most benefits to the veteran community in the nation

* The importance of self-cultivation of the plant by patients is recognized.

* Recognizes the importance of medical opinion versus regulation.

There are several legal questions that remain uncertain and must be resolved by both the authorities and residents. If you are a resident of Missouri, we invite you to discover the aspects that surround the legalization process of medical cannabis. Evaluate your role and closely follow up on the work and commitment of the authorities.

Some residents wonder what will happen to Cannabis and the possession of firearms. The question is "Can you buy a gun and use medical marijuana?" According to the article "Will medical marijuana users in Missouri be able to buy guns?" By Ryan Hanrahan, "Although the federal laws exist, and you are clear in stating that you cannot lawfully buy a firearm if you are a medical marijuana user, there appears to be no effort to enforce the federal laws on the books, leaving this one slightly up in the air. "


As the 420INTEL article announces, "The clock is ticking on medical marijuana in Missouri, but there's still a lot people don’t know." Let's look at the clock and let's not let time pass without understanding our role and showing everything the State has to teach to organizations, other states, countries and large companies.

We look forward to seeing you on February 23rd at the Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza Hotel to discuss all the issues and much more. Whatever you do, do not lose the opportunity to meet other industry players, growers, oil extraction experts, doctors and lawyers; obtain information and opportunities for financing; as well as exchange ideas and plan our vision. For more information about our seminar please visit our website at or call Henry Levinski at 817 / 528-2475 or Dante Picazo at 214 / 733-0868.

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Thank you we will see you on February 23rd.

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