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It’s been a while since I wrote an article sharing with you valuable information and recent news. I believe it’s critical to be updated at all times on this business if you desire to be successful. This is why my advice to you is to continue reading and finding news and articles related to the medical cannabis industry. As you may know, many changes are happening in the country, including new laws and regulations. Taking the time to gather new information will significantly help you to be informed on what’s going on in the actual market.

This past week I have been collecting useful articles from different newspapers, let’s go over the ones I consider beneficial for you without a doubt:

Florida's medical cannabis industry is beginning to take off

In Florida, legal growers operate only a handful of dispensaries. However, those dispensaries including Knox Medical, Curaleaf and Trulieve are laying the groundwork for new locations in the tri-county region and across the state. Medical cannabis dispensaries hiring in Florida are beginning to germinate, and expand by existing, and new operators could result in more than 500 dispensaries across the state and thousands of jobs.

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FDA Approves First Cannabis-Based Drug for Epilepsy

People experiencing epilepsy and their families have been waiting for a cannabis-based drug to become available by prescription. On June 25, a major step was taken in this direction when the Food and Drug Administration approved cannabis-based cannabidiol or CBD. It should be noted that the FDA approved only one specific cannabis-based medication for a specific use. When CBD becomes available in pharmacies, its manufacturer will provide doctors and families with detailed information and guidance for its use.

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Building a Cannabis career: Everything You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is blossoming. Business opportunity first started in 1996, when California approved medical cannabis use. Over the next two decades, the legal landscape slowly changed until 2012, when Washington and Colorado legalized recreational cannabis use. The industry has four main sectors: In cultivation, people with botany expertise grow cannabis plants. In extraction, chemists and laboratory technicians process flowers and leaves to draw out the oils used to create pills, ointments, and edibles. In retail, dispensary workers sell products to customers. Finally, in ancillary commerce, web developers, recruiters, and marketers help the other three sectors conduct business.

I highly suggest you read the entire article; there is a lot of useful information.

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Trump Signals Support for States Deciding if cannabis Is Legal

President Donald Trump recently said that he was inclined to support a bipartisan effort in Congress to ease the U.S. ban on cannabis, a proposal that would dramatically reshape the nation's legal landscape for cannabis users and businesses.

The federal ban that puts cannabis on the same level as LSD and heroin has created a conflict with about 30 states that have legalized cannabis in some form, creating a two-tiered enforcement system at the state and federal levels.

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I guess all this information is enough to verify how powerful the cannabis market is becoming, with all the new laws approved, this business is increasing considerably fast in comparison with other markets.

This is your chance; this is your choice! With our courses, you will get all the required information to enter the industry with all the fundamental knowledge to achieve success.

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