Online Learning vs. Classroom Learning

Thank you so much for visiting our web site and taking the time to read my blog. If you haven’t noticed, the purpose of me writing every week is for you to learn as much as you can to go out there and find your place in this amazing industry.

A common question we get about our programs on Pharmacology University is why we prefer classroom learning over Online learning. Well, for today’s topic I decided to answer this question and clarify why we focus on this model of education.

I must agree that online classes have grown significantly over the past few years. That's because it tends to offer cheaper and flexible study options compared to the traditional education system. However, we cannot completely discredit traditional education. Attending a physical class not only allows students to have a one-on-one experience with the teacher but also exposes them to practical skills that can be beneficial to their future career. When a professor is physically in front of you, you can read his or her body language, mannerisms, gestures, tone, volume and so on. These things help you to interpret and recall the information being presented.

One of the main reasons why we prefer face-to-face education for our students is because we are aware of the content we handle. Medical cannabis at the academic level is a relatively new subject for many, for this reason we feel that the information presented to our students should be much more explanatory with the support of the instructor in the classroom. During this process, the student will be able to experience more interactive learning with their peers, which will help them to develop better skills in their decided area of work in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Another important factor is that when it comes to discipline and motivation, classroom learning does have an advantage. The structured schedule of attending to class having routine face-to-face interactions with classmates and instructors can help keep students on task. In traditional classroom settings, students have more opportunities to be reminded of upcoming assignments, which can help if you tend to procrastinate on large, time-consuming task.

Classroom learning settings may also offer more opportunities for questioning and answering, this can help for a better understanding of the material proposed by the instructor. One final area to consider is the level of social interaction you’re hoping to have as you earn your certificate. Do you need interaction from your classmates and instructors to succeed and stay motivated?

As you can see, there are many advantages when attending a live class. For us, as an educational institution of medical cannabis, it is very important that students capture step by step all the information. Our face-to-face classes also allow them to acquire interpersonal relationships with more students that share the same passion for medicinal cannabis and learn from each other.

In the case of online versus classroom learning, there is no right or wrong answer. As an educational institution we are aware of the multiple benefits of online classes too and we do not ignore this model of education, in fact we may be offering it pretty soon.

For now, you are invited to join in us in our 5-week medical cannabis classroom setting programs.

Don’t wait any longer and sign up now!

First day of class Tampa: August 18 Saturdays from 9 am – 4 pm Location: Hilton Inn Tampa East / Brandon 10309 Highland Manor Drive, Tampa, FL 33610

First day of class Orlando: July 21 Saturdays from 9 am – 4pm Hilton Garden Inn at SeaWorld

11400 Marbella Palm Court, Orlando, FL 32836

(813) 420 7560 /

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