An Industry of Endless Opportunities

Hello, welcome to another entry of my blog series about medicinal cannabis. I’m very excited to share with you recent news and updates related to this incredible industry.

Before we begin, let me ask you the following question: Are you Interested in starting a business in the cannabis industry? I can’t blame you, business is booming and there’s the potential to make huge profits as this sector continues to grow exponentially.

It’s an amazing time to get involved in the cannabis industry. There are boundless opportunities to collaborate with a huge variety of businesses. All across the US, cannabis entrepreneurs are legally growing, harvesting, and infusing products with our favorite plant in record numbers. This thriving market is showing some substantial economic benefits.

Now, in order to convince you even more, let’s go over some recent news and updates.

Florida medical cannabis operation sold for $53 million

California-based company has bought a Florida medical cannabis operation for $53 million. Under the agreement, the company MedMen will acquire Treadwell Nursery’s five-acre cultivation facility, located in Eutis, and the right to operate 25 dispensaries throughout the state, the maximum currently allowed under Florida law.

The Treadwell deal is the latest multimillion-dollar transaction in Florida’s highly regulated medical-cannabis industry.

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Judge: Florida retailers can sell smokable medical cannabis

Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers upheld her May 25 ruling that the Florida Legislature’s provision banning smokable medical cannabis is unconstitutional.

A Florida judge lifted a stay on smoking medical cannabis, opening up new revenue potential for the state’s cannabis businesses. The judge wrote that delaying her ruling any further would create irreparable harm to patients.

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Lung-cancer survivor can grow his own cannabis, Florida judge rules

A judge gave the OK to Tampa entrepreneur Joe Redner to grow his own cannabis to treat cancer, prompting state health officials to immediately appeal a decision that could open the door to more legal skirmishes over Florida’s medical-cannabis regulations.

Redner is forced to grow his own plants to make the liquid treatment because the Department of Health hasn’t allowed any marijuana operators to sell whole plants to patients, Lirot argued.

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With the increasing number of cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis entrepreneurs, more and more business opportunities are sprouting up.

Are you ready to take the leap and join the growing number of people pursuing their dreams in the emerging cannabis industry? Well, if you are interested you are more than welcome to join in us in our 5 week medical cannabis courses.

Our 5 week courses:

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Until next week with more great info!

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