The future of cannabis depends on you

Without realizing it, day by day we are writing a new chapter for the future of cannabis. And the truth is that we are creating a future filled with compassion and fraternity, since we are also co-designers of other people realities. Therefore, it is at this moment, every Colombian should decide which of the strings that this industry offers he or she wants to pull, in order to become a co-author of a new medical, political, legal, economic and social chapter in the history of one of the countries that has carried the indifference of its own people throughout many years.

This must be an evaluation that does not have niches or targets; the medical use of cannabis needs to be demystified for the patients, politicians and universities must fill the legal gaps and the growing needs, doctors are being reborn to the vocation of delivering service to patients instead of the pharmaceutical industry ... the fact is, we must learn and educate ourselves.

Pharmacology University is clear about its educational mission and that is why it invites you to educate those around you. Just mention a cannabis benefit to your brother, neighbor or co-worker and you will be designing a new thought. The invitation is also for those who want to learn with us:

Medical Cannabis Investment Seminar: July 13, Bogotá

Medical Cannabis Investment Seminar: July 14, Medellín

Diploma in Medicinal Cannabis: Begins on July 28, Medellín

For more information: or call us / write us at 301 4038802

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