Pharmacology University Begins Classes in Oklahoma

For Immediate Release: April 28th, 2018

Pharmacology University of Oklahoma City to offer Medical Cannabis Industry Courses Beginning August 18th, 2018

Pharmacology University states that if Oklahomans want to have great medical cannabis laws they are going to have to fight for it. That means that on June 26th they are going to have to make their way to their voting booths and vote YES on SQ788; and if they do that, they will be gaining a law that will taste as sweet as a brownie, feel like love and cure cancer. "The Medical Cannabis law presented on SQ788 is no longer a Hail Mary and can truly be obtained" says Sierra Sevits, Co-Owner of the Oklahoma City Pharmacology University franchise. But is SQ788 really that good? Well, let’s see.

Think about this for a moment: based on a report from Seattle-based Headset, Inc., the average consumption of cannabis by a patient in the U.S. costs $3,150 per year and if we look at the fact that Oklahoma's population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 million people and if only 1 out of 10 persons takes advantage of and uses medical cannabis as their medication the math is very simple. $3,150 x 400,000 people = $1,260,000,000; though these numbers may stagger anyone’s imagination, this could actually be the economic potential of the implementation of SQ788. Again, this is if only 1 out of 10 people decide to use this medication, which is a reasonable assumption. Obviously for this to happen, the industry will have to be fully operational. As validation of this type of revenue Pharmacology University cites that the Mayo Clinic recommends that for epilepsy, for the most part, patients are recommended to take 300mg of CBD oil per day, which is 9 grams/month and at $50 per gram (if you are lucky enough to find that low of a price) this equals $450/month or $5,400 per year. In addition, Pharmacology University carefully states that if a pound of Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma imitates the average price per pound in the rest of the country, in order for the state of Oklahoma to fulfill the demand it will have to produce a minimum of 500,000 pounds a year, which, in a population of 400,000, only equates to 1.25 pounds per patient/year or 1.5 ounces per month/patient and are incredibly conservative estimates. As well, so that we can get an idea of what we are talking about, please know that a 10,000 square foot space could produce 1,500 pounds per year (needless to say, the variables are enormous based on growing methodologies, strains, etc.); therefore, Oklahoma could need three-hundred thirty-three 10,000 square foot grow facilities to meet the demand/needs of the patients. More to the point, once the medication is produced you will need somebody to dispense it; consequently, if the average sales in the dispensary in the USA are 1.5 million dollars that means that Oklahoma will have to house 840 dispensaries. Moreover, that tells us that Oklahoma could possibly have an additional labor force of over 25,000 employees and this does not include the indirect employees such as security officers, transportation, lab employees, manufacturing, real estate, construction, equipment sales and maintenance, etc. Not bad for a new sector of the medical industry that has been stigmatized and for the most part none of us recognize the magnificent revenues, benefits and the quality of life that this medical flower can bring to the state.

Is all of this information correct? Who is Pharmacology University? Well, Pharmacology University is a group of innovators and entrepreneurs who have dedicated the last twelve years of their lives to studying and educating people and governments about Medical Cannabis in many of the States such as Hawaii, California, Colorado, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Nevada and Countries like Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The company, through their franchise Oklahoma operation owned and operated by Kat Weaver and Sierra Sevits, will be offering 10-week medical cannabis courses the first of which will begin on August 18th. In addition, there will be one day seminars, the first taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tulsa on June 1st with a second one day seminar on June 2nd at the Hilton Garden Inn in OKC. You can register to attend any of these at or for more information you can call 660-591-3091 or 817-528-2475.

Will Oklahoma teach the rest of the country how to formulate great laws? The hunger for medicinal cannabis is at a rapid rise, and Oklahoma is definitely tuned in. According to the latest Sooner Poll results, Oklahomans are ready to consider cannabis for medicinal purposes and decriminalization. The poll had support for medical cannabis at 71% and support for decriminalization at 57%. It seems like our “Sooner State” wants to join the vast majority that supports the use of medicinal cannabis, easing the lives of their residents in search for a better future. If done right, the industry can bring many economic and social benefits to the state.

“I like the results. This is very telling. It confirms what we’re being told across the state,” Senator Constance Johnston (D-Oklahoma City)

This is why Pharmacology University is betting on Oklahoma! We picked your beautiful state as our new focus. We see potential in this great land of hard workers, of dreamers, of world changers. Let’s transform the state, from Tulsa to Oklahoma City (it’s not called “Cinderella City” for nothing) and help this beautiful land reach its ultimate goal: to provide its residents the best quality life possible. Education is your best weapon, so it’s time to get informed!

Having worked with states and countries from all over the world, we know potential when we see it. This is us reaching out to you. Only you Oklahomans can determine the fate of State Question 788 (SQ 788), allowing physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients over the age of 18. Only you can open the door to effective and rational cannabis policies that serve the needs of real people and communities in terms of justice, safety and health. So, to you Oklahomans, we ask the following question, are you tuned in? Can such a conservative state prove to be searching for a chance to change? Will you fight for your right to obtain medicinal cannabis? We'll find out sooner than we think.

But this isn’t achieved alone, Pharmacology University of OKC works day and night to continuously improve our educational system, which is why we have structured 5 different medicinal cannabis courses: Cultivation, Industrial Hemp, Oil Extraction and Manufacturing, Cannapharmacology and Medical Course and Health Professionals. In each course, our students will discover the tools necessary to go out into the world with the perspective of a medicinal cannabis leader.

We ask ourselves, how committed are you, the readers; will you enter this medical, scientific and economic challenge? Will you spread the word to those who believe this opportunity could change their lives? Will you be a protagonist? …whatever the answer is or if it has created more questions, we invite you to enjoy this beautiful moment that we build as a society. Now, children suffering from epilepsy can reach a better-quality life and their parents can manage to rest. This has been possible thanks to the legal, scientific and commercial progress of medicinal cannabis.

Let’s think of our people, let's think of Oklahoma! Enroll or invite your friends to sign up for our medical cannabis courses and contribute the bit that will make OKC a complete city. There are financing options and according to the courses, different schedule options as well. Our first 10-week course starts August 18 and ends October 20th, 2018 of this year. Visit our website or call our telephone numbers +1 (660) 591-3091 / +1 (817) 528-2475. Don’t miss this opportunity that we’ve built for you and the many of inhabitants of Oklahoma City!

Again, at the risk of being redundant, if Oklahomans wish to have the right to choose a medication without the harmful side effects of other drugs and be able to treat their ailments with a natural medication, they must exercise their right to vote! Most importantly, this will stop labeling patients as criminals and could stop the incarceration of cancer patients like the many that go to jail for simply trying to save their life and for medicinally treating themselves with cannabis to minimize the ravaging effects that chemotherapy brings to them. In conclusion your vote can create tons of great employment, a better quality of life for your loved ones and patients. Exercise your right of individual freedom, VOTE on June 26th!

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