History will absolve us, only if we know our past can we be masters of our future. Pharmacology University's main interest is education. We are always looking for new fields of research, new solutions, producing content and managing knowledge. We recognize the importance of the historical, social and philosophical component surrounding cannabis medicine and we want to know it all! As always in our blog, you will find the fresh news of our work in the world as well as content and information that will surprise you.

Medical cannabis has shown us that it has immeasurable potential in the hands of scientific research, technology, regulation and education. Medical Cannabis has been confirmed to be an effective treatment for more than 45 diseases and health conditions, including treatments to cure addictions, through the use of this plant. These benefits are what move Pharmacology University day by day. For us, opening the medicinal cannabis furrow in the world is based on love and empathy for humanity. This means that: We, all of us, "must become greater than we have ever been, braver, greater in spirit, broad in our eyes, we must become members of a new race, overcoming the petty prejudice, we owe this to our supreme loyalty for our fellow human beings within the human community. " (Haile Salissie, 1963, United Nations).

A little history…

Cannabis is one of the oldest plants grown by humans. The archaeological records found show their uses and planting in Central Asia, (where it is thought to be their place of origin) more than 12,000 years ago. By that time, hemp fiber was already being used and the medicinal properties of cannabis sativa were used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well. It was also used for religious ceremonies in India more than 6,000 years ago and it came to the Netherlands at least 4,200 years ago to finish being distributed all over the world. This means that for more than 6,930 years cannabis traveled the world, was consumed and used as a medical treatment in a legal way, without even being considered a malignant drug.

This week…

Pharmacology University is also making history: This week we expanded our knowledge by rigorously studying cannabis legislation in the countries where we are working, gaining more and more information. We have also coordinated our next cycle of seminars to begin in August. We are very excited to present our work agenda and for you to follow closely all that we have prepared for the following months. We will hold seminars on medical licensing, research, cultivation and entrepreneurship in 4 countries around the world. During the next 5 months, we will work tirelessly for this cause. And here we present our schedule of activities:

August 12 Little Rock, Arkansas Marriott Hotel

August 26 Orlando, Florida The Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel

September 9 & 10 San Juan, Puerto Rico Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

September 23 & 24 Las Vegas, Nevada Rio Las Vegas

September 30 Bogotá, Colombia JW Marriott Hotel October 28 & 29

San Juan, Puerto Rico Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

November 4 Bogotá. Colombia JW Marriott Hotel

November 18 Orlando, Florida

The Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel

December 9 Las Vegas, Nevada Platinum Hotel

This was an exciting week in the world of medical cannabis. Not only did Uruguay and the State of Florida complete its legalization, but the State of Las Vegas recently approved for recreational use! These recent government pronouncements were something we were already preparing for. It is the faithful proof that we have a whole panorama of opportunities to start a beautiful path of assistance to those who need us.

We are very excited to now participate in these other countries and reaffirm that we always give 100% of our potential and we get involved with this noble cause because we remember that what inspires us is the compassion and the pursuit of the well-being of those who need us.

Each week we will bring much more knowledge and exciting news from the great medicinal cannabis industry. Don't miss out!

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