Medcan Foundation Supports Medical Tourism in the Caribbean & Latin America

Medcan Foundation Supports Medical Tourism in the Caribbean & Latin America

From the desk of: Doralice Rivera

Public Relations Director of Medcan Foundation Inc. Puerto Rico

Contact: + 1 817-528-2475

The so-called medical tourism is generally known for being the transfer or trip that many patients make to some destination in order to obtain a medical treatment for any of their conditions. This is mainly due to budget reasons, the availability of treatment and in some cases, the patient's safety or confidence in receiving such treatment in a specific place. In Medcan Foundation, Inc. we are truly aware of how important a medication is for a patient’s treatment and quality of life. As a matter of fact, this has been one of the main reasons for us to work so hard on the advocacy and education for medical cannabis use through the years, ever since we started in Texas back in 2005. Currently, we are honored to be part of the historic events taking place in Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico, with the legalization of medical cannabis use. These steps forward in scientific development, agricultural activity and effective healthcare options will also open the door to a new aspect of medical tourism in the beautiful destinations of Latin America and The Caribbean.

In the past few years, the use of medical cannabis and the development of the laws that have been implemented in their favor in different states and territories, has impacted drastically and positively the lives of patients, their families and the medical community, who deposit both effort and energy in their work. Cases such as those presented by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in her CNN documentaries called "Weed" (made since the year 2013), among others, expose from the scientific perspective the benefits that patients receive with medicinal cannabis. Also, beyond a positive social impact, cannabis has a favorable economic effect that today we cannot deny, because the tax earnings issued to the States where it is currently legalized is shown in their reports.

As a result, the list of States and countries that are creating laws in favor of patients and this treatment is increasing at an exciting pace. Now, speaking of exciting options, for the vast majority of people, making a trip is an activity that fills them with joy and possibly, expectations as well. It is very likely that the patient who uses medical cannabis should be asked if they have options to travel to other places where they can feel free and safe to acquire their treatment, using the proper documentation. At Medcan Foundation, we have worked hard to promote education on medical cannabis among the medical community, health professionals, patients and representatives of the law or Government. Our purpose? That this wonderful medicine is accessible to all patients who suffer and that the whole process is done in a legal and responsible way. Therefore, our work in territories like Puerto Rico means that our effort to educate the population and promote the development of this industry will also contribute to tourism, which also benefits the country’s budget.

Currently, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company is one of the institutions that also bets that the new laws that allow the use of medicinal cannabis will represent a great economic incentive for their budget and a great experience for the tourist. This means that those patients in other jurisdictions who are considering a trip to the Caribbean and have their authorized patient identification, plus the required medical documents, may choose to visit Puerto Rico and continue their treatment during their visit.

On the other hand, speaking the same language and with the same compassion, there are Mexico and Colombia, the new homes of Medcan Foundation in Latin America. Our presence and contribution in these countries has increasingly excited us for being countries with great potential and for sharing with us the desire to help others. We have been received with open arms and all of us who are part of this company share a common mission, to improve the quality of life of so many patients who need it and at the same time, be part of a contribution in the development of the local talent.

In the near future, we are very happy to know that countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia, will become destinations that those travelers looking for a touristic experience or even a business trip, can enjoy their stay without worrying about how to get their medicine. As we hope to see with our own eyes, these destinations await you with their delicious food, their architecture, beautiful nature and certainly, their friendly and warm people.

All of us in the Medcan Foundation Inc. family are excited to see that how this beautiful industry continues to move forward, proud that our engine is love and compassion. We wish a happy trip to all!

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