From the desk of Luisa Fernanda Soto Villada

From the desk of Luisa Fernanda Soto Villada

Director of Operations Medcan Foundation, Inc. Colombia

Contact: + 57 - 320-789-3513 MB

On the other hand, in Colombia we have a letter of reference, with the newly enacted law 1787 of July 2016 where the scientific and medicinal use of cannabis to be grown, manufactured, distributed and exported under legal regulations is enabled.

Once the Colombian law was established, we realized the task of shaping our Medcan Colombia team and have made significant progress in terms of public relations.

We’ve had the pleasure of making contact with the directors of the National Academy of Medicine in the country who were ready to help us in all of the accreditation process for continuing education for Colombian physicians. We’ve also made visits to various faculties of medicine in Bogotá for support of our educational seminars, both legally and scientifically, working hand in hand with a great project that seeks to contribute a bit to the peace process that the Government is advancing.

We’ve also managed to make contact with individuals from public policy to learn the different positions and in a case in point, we talked to a Chancellor representative for the conservative party, who said that the approval of the law and the arrival of Medcan to the country may be the beginning of a rampage of illegal drugs and recreational use marketing. But Medcan at this meeting had the opportunity to tell them that what we seek is to break such paradigms starting with education, because we understand that, if ignorance is broken, the evolution of this industry will be imminent, although a long history of social suffering exists.

That representative meeting reached a fortunate conclusion, exposed by the Lord Chancellor, and that is we have to focus our efforts in changing the mentality of those who do not believe in the wonders of this industry. So, we offered to set up a meeting with the conservative party to teach them how medicinal cannabis works, because it was evident that lack of knowledge predominates his refusal of acceptance.

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