Dear Clients, Franchisees, Investors, Partners and Friends;

Dear Clients, Franchisees, Investors, Partners and Friends;

CONGRATULATIONS! November 8, 2016 is a day that will go down in history as one of the most historical and influential days for the cannabis flower. It was the day that changed our immediate future and all future generations that are currently dependent on our actions. We have experienced a paradigm shift for the Cannabis flower, but the most important thing is that truth and compassion have been demonstrated at their best and will continue to prevail. California, recreational; Nevada, recreational; Arkansas, medical program; Florida, medical program; Massachusetts recreational; Maine recreational; among many more ... and Texas is becoming, the second largest market in the American union!

Constitutionally speaking, with all the states that have agreed to improve their laws regarding the Cannabis Flower, we now have enough states to be part of more than one-third of the US legislature, which means that we have the strength to present a Bill directly to Congress and change the Federal Law by Constitutional Form. We will no longer have to wait for the President, have to ask the Federal Government for permission, our patients will not have to continue suffering, and our recreational brothers will not have to remain imprisoned. Right now we have the force for a Bill to modify and exclude the Federal Government from our path; or in other words, make the Federal Government an Allie rather than an enemy. Our vision of the future is not yet to come, but it is now a reality.

I invite you to prepare for what is coming: Interstate Commerce, Research and Development at the scientific level, reclassification of Cannabis as a controlled substance I drug, Health Insurance, reclassification of CBD as a nutritional supplement, etc. Cannabis has overflowed the cause of our rivers and surpassed any of our expectations. What comes, depends on us, we finally have the wind in our favor, we can stop being a candle in space and develop into a flare as powerful as our aspirations.

With so many blessings and opportunities, I invite you again to think about how we are going to train our doctors nationwide and our patients as to the best method of ingestion and dosage. As we continue to educate about the safety of equipment, Entrepreneurs, working with the IRS, seed banks, and what new programs or careers we will implement at the university level, think of how just a few years ago this was not even the slightest thought possible. For example, Budtenders work with patients and formulations, provide a more formal educational decision, and assist in viable practical content with a much safer job exit. In conclusion, we have a lot of work ahead of us!

The space galaxy of the Cannabis flower was recognized worldwide the night before yesterday and the period of pregnancy reaches an end, beginning the process of delivery. Therefore, we will have to control our growth in a serious, responsible, organized way, to continue conquering the success for which we have fought for, for so long! The re-inviting of our recreational brothers has arrived, it is time to get them out of prisons, pay them homage for what they have suffered, because without them we would not be here. Not to mention the medical benefits of Cannabis are unbelievable and now it has finally time to reaffirm to the world that our flower is indisputably a medicine.

With all things considered and under the euphoria of news Medcan Foundation asks for your help. Please send us your resume because we are looking for staff that represents us in the states of Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We are looking to hire Budtenders, Graduates, Entrepreneurs, Growers, Doctors, Administrative staff , Chemists and all other personnel related to the Medical Cannabis Industry. Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer phone calls, so please just send your resume to

P.S. Please do not forget that Medcan has always been and will continue to strive to grow together. Like they say in Argentina, "Together we are better", or in Puerto Rico: "Together we do better."

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF

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