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In November of 2000, the state of Colorado approved Amendment 20 legalizing medical cannabis for patients with qualifying medical conditions. To lessen the debilitating symptoms of a number of serious medical illnesses, doctors in Colorado can recommend cannabis for their patients.

A patient or primary caregiver can become registered with the Colorado Medical Cannabis Registry. Enrollment with the state registry provides patients and/or their primary caregivers with the proper permits that authorize those individuals to possess and/or grow cannabis for medical use in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment guidelines legally allows per patient, the possession of “up to and no more than two ounces of a usable form and cannabis and not more than six cannabis plants, with three or fewer being mature, flowering plants that are producing a usable form of (medical) cannabis.

On January 21, 2010 the California Supreme Court struck down the state's limits on how much medical cannabis a patient can possess, concluding that the restrictions imposed by the Legislature were an unconstitutional amendment of a 1996 voter-approved initiative.  The decision means that patients and caregivers with a doctor's recommendation to use cannabis can now possess as much as is "reasonably related to the patient's current medical needs," a standard that the court established in a 1997 decision.

In no state may doctors direct patients on where to acquire medical cannabis. Patients and their caregivers either grow their own or purchase their medication from a co-operative type grower.  We recommend that for the latest developments and most current laws concerning medical cannabis and growing cannabis as a patient co-op, that you attend one of our Pharmacology University seminars. Our industry knowledgeable and experienced consultants will guide your efforts to become a medical cannabis producer.

It's important you understand: 

  • Licensing

  • Co-op formations

  • Negotiating a lease

  • Purchasing a property

  • Zoning Issues

  • Product development


  • Learn from experienced California growers how to produce medicinal flowers from seed to harvest.

  • Learn to grow indoors, outdoors and hydroponically.

  • Learn watering, fertilization, lighting, ventilation and plant cycles.

  • Learn equipment requirements.

  • Learn pest control, security, pH balance, smell abatement and drying/curing.

Our Pharmacology University expert consultants will guide your efforts to build a legal and ethical medicinal cannabis production/grow facility in states where cannabis is legal. If you prefer a simpler way, Pharmacology University turn-key operations are available for those desiring to join the Pharmacology University family, in states where it is legal. Members will receive corporate operational support and oversight, ongoing marketing assistance and access to medical cannabis strains that may be patented by Pharmacology University.

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