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Texas Dispensary Licensing



Pharmacology University, throughout these 15 years, has worked in different countries where the use of medical cannabis has been regulated, providing comprehensive consulting services for the design, development, operation, financing, and optimization of medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries. Also, we offer comprehensive consultancy to all those interested in obtaining licenses to produce and cultivate medical or industrial cannabis.


Our trajectory began in Puerto Rico, where we became the main managers, following up with large and small producers and achieving success in obtaining licenses. Also, we guided the different dispensaries working at that time to attend to certified and medicated cannabis patients.


Eventually, we opened the market in Colombia, where we supported different entrepreneurs in getting approval from the ministries to produce, commercialize or manufacture cannabis derivatives.


Currently, in the United States, we are making the road shorter for cannabis producers, making their legal processes faster and allowing them to take care of their farming and business. Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas, and one of our main objectives is to support people in this state who wish to enter the cannabis industry safely and efficiently

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The dispensary business in Texas is an untapped field. Since the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP) in 2015, the state has only licensed three dispensaries, two in Austin and one in Schulenberg. These dispensaries sell CBD and low-THC products.


In 2021, the Texas Legislature expanded the CUP and included people suffering from cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, which increased the number of patients enrolled in the program. In a state with more than 29 million people and 43,000 patients enrolled in the program, three medical cannabis dispensaries do not meet the demand.


Fortunately, the Texas Department of Public Safety - DPS, is accepting new applications for licenses to operate as a dispensing organization under the Texas Compassionate Use Program as of Monday, January 16. This process will be open until APRIL 28, 2023, 5:00 p.m. CT.

Licensing Consulting for Dispensaries

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