Some History about Vehicles and Hemp

May 1, 2019

Henry Ford was born in 1863, was the founder of the Ford Motor Company and is considered the father of modern production lines used for large mass production. This man went down in the history of the United States by introducing a low-cost vehicle, called the "model T"; this had a tremendous impact on the habits of life of the American citizens of that time, contributing to the birth of the " automobile civilization " of the 20th century.

This entrepreneur noticed the possibilities of plastics made of renewable materials. The archives of the Henry Ford Museum in the state of Michigan indicate that on August 13, 1941, Ford unveiled a bioplastic body vehicle to the public; sources indicate that the car's compound contained flaxseed, wheat fiber, soybeans, ramie fiber and hemp. It is considered that most of the body was soy with between 10% and 30% of hemp fibers. Undoubtedly, this man came to know the advantages of the hemp plant, and he knew that this material could provide enormous economic gains if grown in large quantit