Understanding the differences between two cannabis plants

June 9, 2018


Hello! I’m here once again sharing with you important information regarding our favorite subject, Medical Cannabis! I hope that by now you have already sign up for our all in one course which covers (cultivation, Oil extraction / manufacturing and cannapharmacology). It’s only five amazing weeks and is also certified by the state of Florida for the legal profession. If you still haven’t register  yet let me tell you this is a tremendous opportunity for you to learn everything about this magnificent plant and this great up and coming,  emerging  new industry.


For today’s topic I decided to write about the main differences between the two major types of cannabis plant. Sativa and indica. I’m pretty sure you have hear about this two varieties. Generally, medicinal cannabis results in the user having a sense of outstanding physical and improved sleep. However, each type offers a different set of benefits. Understanding the distinctness between the two is important in order to find the right s