The Course for Occupational License and Growing will be Sunday, February 11 from 10AM to 7PM @ Polytechnic University, San Juan PR

The class will be from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico,

Recinto de Hato Rey, 377 Ponce De Leon Avenue, San Juan, 00918 Puerto Rico 
in the Amphitheater (4th floor) of the School of Architecture.

Medcan Foundation has been approved by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
as A Provider Of Training Certifications including but not limited to Cultivation, Manufacturing/Extraction, Dispensary/Occupational, Budtender, etc. in the Medical Cannabis industry with the authorized number:
PMC-O-16-07-001. Medical Education certification for Doctors with the authorized number: PCM-16-00-001
Medcan Foundation will offer a complete workout for your occupational license and / or cultivation of cannabis industry in Puerto Rico. Anyone who owns, cultivates, manufactures, experiments, analyzes, extracts, dispenses, sells, serves, transports or delivers Medicinal Cannabis or medicinal product infused Cannabis, must possess a valid Occupational License as stipulated in Article 29 of chapter VI of Regulation 8766 for the use, possession, cultivation, manufacture, fabrication, supply, distribution and Medicinal Cannabis Research in Puerto Rico.
The course will last 9 hours of which 8 hours will be required strictly face to face. Participants must register between 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.. The course begins promptly at 10 am and participants will not be accepted once the course has begun. When finished, you will be given a Certificate of Approval to represent the success achieved compliance as course participant. This certificate is a requirement for occupational and cultivation required license as issued by the Government of Puerto Rico. We note that if you do not meet the hours required for the course, we will not be able to provide your certificate.
Medcan Foundation has been approved by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as Provider of all Training Certifications including but not limited to Medical Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Dispensary and all other matters relating to the Law of Puerto Rico phases, Regulation 8766, within the industry Medicinal Cannabis with the authorized number: PCM-O-16-07-001.
a. Discussion on the Effect of Medicinal Cannabis in the human body 
b. Laws and regulations of the Free State and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico on Sales to Minors.
c. Forms of Identification: They will train on how to identify and verify the ID card issued by the Department of Health and to rule out possible fraudulent cards and the willingness to retain it. Similarly, they present the common mistakes made when checking Identification Cards.
d. Controlled Substances Act of Puerto Rico, State and Federal Laws, Rules 153 and 154 affecting owners, managers and employees.
1. Rules relating to the licensing and inspection of establishments Medicinal Cannabis.
2. Compliance with Regulation 8766 and protocols Inventory Tracking System.
3. Administrative and criminal liability.
4. Sanctions.
5. Regulation on the process of Medicinal Cannabis decommissioning and disposal.
6. Regulations and standards of health and safety.
7. Prohibition of carrying Cannabis not purchased at authorized local Medicinal Cannabis approved establishments.
8. Schedule sales
9. Regulations and rules on the conduct of the establishment.
10. Inspections of regulation and control of the state.
11. Liability of the holder of the license of the establishment for the activities that occur within licensed premises.
12. Maintenance of records.
13. Issue of privacy, compliance with HIPPA.
14. Shopping prohibited.
e. Causes of pollution in the cultivation, highly susceptible populations and worked disease
f. Personal hygiene and good handling practices of the plant.
g. Sotentially dangerous activities for cultivation.
h. Sanitation and use of chemicals.                                                    
i. Standard operating procedures (SOP) culture and its components as required by the regulation.



From 10am to 12pm, Health Department Regulation 8766 requires 2 physical attendance hours to achieve a Cultivation Certification. The price for ONLY this portion of the seminar is $75
From 1pm to 7pm, Health Department Regulation 8766 requires 6 physical attendance hours to achieve the Occupational Certification. The Price for ONLY this portion of the seminar is $165

TO REGISTER CALL MCTI at 787/589-8050 , 


Please note there is a $50 fee per seat for any cancellation or rescheduling. No refunds for missed classes or cancellations with less than 21 days’ notice, cancellations received after this date are not eligible for refund. Refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder and will be credited back to the card used for payment.