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In the U.S. economy, legal marijuana is worth an estimated $50 billion today and economists project the cannabis industry

to skyrocket to $80 billion by 2030.  INVESTORS, it is time to pay attention!

Due to the economic potentials of cannabis, China Infrastructure Construction Corporation, a publicly traded company (CHNC) has acquired Pharmacology University, the largest providers of medical cannabis classroom education in the world. China Infrastructure is the parent company of Hippocrates Direct Healthcare, LLC a leading medical research company.  The acquisition will expand and enhance  CHNC’s dedicated to education, research, development and promotion of treatments and medicines that bring relief and a greater quality of life to those suffering from numerous ailments and diseases into the cannabis space. This new affiliation offers an outstanding opportunity to those seeking an amazing return on their investment.


Ticket OTC MKTS: CHNC        Quoted Price 0,0001         Date  Nov-13-2019

Below are examples of possible returns on your investment based on purchasing shares at current market price and selling at the  projected share price. 
Potential Profit at
0.10 dollar








Potential Profit at
1 dollar








Potential Profit at
5 dollars








Potential Profit at
10 dollars








Potential Profit at
20 dollars








Potential Profit at
25 dollars









Pharmacology University and Hippocrates Direct Healthcare  are now  wholly-owned subsidiaries of China Infrastructure Construction Corp., the public company.. Notice to shareholders: China Infrastructure is an OTC PINK company.

Physicians are becoming burned out and will be looking for a company such as Hippocrates to lessen the burden and increase the quality of medicine practiced. We are branched out into areas such as Medical Research and Stem Cell Implantation.

"We are the largest providers of medical cannabis classroom education in the world.We remain steadfast in providing and retaining shareholder value."



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You must use a licensed broker to buy or sell shares of CHNC common stock.

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